I was born in Athens, spend my early childhood in London and moved to Germany for my education, where we lived in the countryside.There i had the space and opportunity to experience freedom in growing up.My father created an artist space where many exhibitions and concerts took place.

After finishing school, I was quickly drawn to to the next city, in my case Cologne. At that time Cologne was rich in art and culture, and i was curious and needed more to discover.

I have always been connected to art through my family, my father beeing a musician and painter.My mother, a language teacher, and me companied my father on his travels whenever we could.

That way I met a lot of interesting and successful artists (like Markus Lüpertz, A.R. Penck, Butch Morris, Jörg Immendorff, Wim Cox and many others).Getting to know these people gave me the opportunity to explore all kinds of free spirits and to experience the different perspectives of life.

After trying out painting, music and photography, I decided that photography appealed to me the most. I love to meet people, to learn about them and their culture and listen to their stories. Looking through the lens of a camera, allows you to focus on people's characteristics and diversity and to capture the atmosphere of the moment. Makes you see clearer, as you are not distracted by other things around you. So photography allows me to look at the world trough many different eyes and to explore the diversity of the world and people.

I also learn so incredible much about myself, so that I can continue to grow. What could be worse than standing still in life ;-)